Track League Week #6

Just a quick note about this weeks track league. It seems people are a little confused about the sprint competition.

  • This weeks track league runs as normal. See the schedule here.
  • You enter as normal, from here.
  • This week also sees a sprint competition as part of the schedule. See here.
  • You do not have to enter the sprint competition if you do not want to.
  • The sprint competition is only open to Senior A/B/C categories INCLUDING the youth that race in the Senior A/B/C categories.
  • If you enter the sprint competition you still race the other races as normal.
  • If you DO want to enter the sprints you should enter here. It is free. This separate entry is to enable us to organise the heats.
  • You still have to pay to enter Week #6 of the league as normal, as stated at the top of this list.
  • If you enter the sprints but do not enter week #6 of the league by the time entry for the sprints closes (Tuesday 6pm) we may pull your sprints entry to make room for someone who has.

I hope that clears everything up.