Week #6 Sprint Competition

This week in the league we are due to have our sprints element.

We have decided to have people sign up for the sprints ahead of time so that we can organise the heats more effectively.

Entry is on RiderHQ (there is no fee but you must be a registered SCRL league member to enter). Click here to enter. Please read the info below before entering. These will close 6pm Tuesday to give us time to sort the heats out and then communicate them to the riders involved.


  • Please do not sign up if you have no real intention of riding.  Riders who “no show” end up spoiling the competition for everyone.
  • Competition is open to senior category riders only (including youth riding in those categories).
  • Please enter Week #6 Track League BEFORE signing up for this competition (click here).  Entries to this competition without a corresponding league entry for week #6 will be ignored/removed to make space for others.


  • Riders will compete in heats. Number of heats and riders per heat to be determined after closing but maximum 6 heats of 5 riders.  
  • There will then potentially be a minor final for the riders finishing second place in their heat. If there are 6 heats there will be no need for a minor final.
  • Then a final composed of the winners of each heat.