SCRL Summer Circuits #1

After a long layoff, and the disappointment of Wednesdays track league being rained off for the second week in a row, it was a relief to finally get some racing going again at Preston Park with our first circuit races since February 2020 before “you-know-what” happened.

Under the current restrictions, races were split into two events for each group, a twenty minute “sprint” race and a thirty minute “endurance” race with a points prime sprint lap.

The mixed 3/4 group went first (there are no “mens” races, just “races”, and “women only races” at regional level. Women can race the mixed races too) and the attacks were flying from the off. John Tindell and Jacob James making the best effort at the end of the race, with Jacob just being caught at the line by Marek Shafer, Jacob slightly hamstrung by his junior gear limitation.

The women went up next and fragmented almost immediately, with Anya Tamplin, Ileia Spyropopolou and Jasmine Cornelius making the lead three, with Gemma Freeman and Rachel Carless out on their own chasing whilst the remaining four worked to get back on. Eventually Anya and Illeia managing to break free of Jasmine and work together towards the end where Anya attacked with two to go and take the win.

With seemingly fading light the second races were reduced to twenty minutes to make sure both races would get to run to completion, so again the attacks were flying when the mixed 3/4 got off to their twenty minute “endurance” race. Everything that went was eventually brought back and whilst still a little strung out from the previous attack the bunch began their prime lap, with Marek Shafer, James De Rico, Ben Dewey and Jake Hill taking the bonus points of 5, 3, 2 and 1 respectively.

The Mixed 3/4 sprint lap

With the bunch very much back together the final sprint took much the same shape at the front with Marek, Jacob and James taking the top three spots.

This left Marek Shafer the overall winner with the sprint lap being decisive in James De Rico taking overall second place from Jacob James by a single point. Nevertheless, the two second place finishes on a limited gear indicate more to come from the local junior. Lloyd Costello also another local junior with a result of note in joint 7th.

The women line up for their second

In fading light the women took to the line for their second race, and again the front three bringing the pace right up from the start. Anya, Ileia, Jasmine and Gemma took the bonus points from the sprint laps. The situation would remain unchanged through to crossing the finish line, with the result very much the same as the first, all be it with Isobel Beattie and Cathy Wallace swapping places

Our women racers for the evening

All in all a very successful evenings racing, with a great crowd to watch and cheer you on it always helps.

Next race is May 21st and should, presuming everything goes to plan, be back to our usual format. Enter from our page here.