Points are back!

In accordance with the new guidelines issued by British Cycling due to the easing of restrictions, licence points are once again being awarded for appropriate races.

This means that all upcoming circuit races, including this weeks #2 in the series will be full length races as advertised and will be for the usual haul of Regional C+ licence points (no prize money though! Sorry!).

At time of writing the spaces remaining are:

  • Women Only 3/4 = 17 spaces remaining
  • Mixed 4 = 9 spaces remaining
  • Mixed 2/3/4 = SOLD OUT and WAITING LIST FULL

In other news…

Women Only 2/3/4

Due to substantial demand the women only race will be expanded to cover category 2 as well as 3 and 4 for meetings numbers 3 and 5 (that’s June 4th and July 2nd respectively). Meetings 4 and 6 will remain just category 3 and 4.

Mixed 2/3 … no longer 4

We envisaged the mixed 2/3/4 to be an “overflow” for the mixed 4s filling up but is has turned out that the 2/3/4 filled up first and already has a full waiting list. With category 2 and 3 riders waiting for a place and spaces on the 4s race we have decided that from #3 onwards (not this weeks) this race will be categories 2 and 3 only.

The Weather

In case anyone was wondering, unlike track racing, circuit races are mostly unaffected by bad weather, we tend to only cancel if there is at least a yellow weather warning. So if it’s wet this Friday, which is a possibility, the races should still be going ahead.