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Winter Series = GO

Now that we have the requisite key volunteer roles filled the series is being registered with British Cycling and entry systems are being set up. There will be another post once they go live.

We will still need marshalling volunteers (5 per race) and the sign up page for that will open very soon. If every entrant just did one slot nobody would probably have to do more than one. We suggest the following:

  • Race 3 riders marshal race 1, warm up during race 2.
  • Race 1 riders marshal race 2
  • Race 2 riders marshal race 3

You can view the dates and race formats for the series on the calendar page.

This year we are going to try out an open entry 3/4 race in week 4 so third cat racers can opt to do that, for regular C+ points (10 for a win) or try their hand in the 2/3 Regional A Circuit race (15 points for a win).

If it is a success and the two races still balance out we might add more next year.