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Final Volunteer Call

Volunteer marshals needed or no racing tonight.

Still two volunteers short of our bare minimum for marshalling for this evening (we really could use four more).

No marshals = no race.

It’s a very simple job, basically just standing at the back of the track and making sure people don’t try to jump the fence or otherwise get into the track. There’s usually a free hot drink or two from Coops Coffee in it for you as well. From 6 to 9pm (latest) needs to be covered.

If you are racing, consider that marshalling before or after your race means the whole thing can go ahead. No one steps up, no one gets to race. Consider:

  • Racing race 1 = marshal race 2 or 3
  • Racing race 2 = marshal race 1 or 3
  • Racing race 3 = marshal race 1 or 2

If at least two marshalling positions are not filled for the FULL evening by 3pm the evenings racing will be cancelled.

  • To put your name down on the spreadsheet click here.
  • If you cannot access or use the spreadsheets in the link, please email letting us know your name, contact number, times you can cover , and if there is any role that you will particularly not do.

Your co-operation, as always, is appreciated.