URGENT – Keep the track Alive

As well as our normal Wednesday Night Track League SCRL are running a closed circuit league through the winter and summer. We believe these are crucial to the track at Preston Park surviving as they show the council and others that the track is being used and more importantly raise significant funds that we can reinvest in the track, something the Wednesday league isn’t really achieving. But again the running of these events is falling to the same few individuals and this is not sustainable.

We are very close to having to cancel this weekends race due to lack of volunteers and this would be a real body blow especially to those that have put so much effort into getting these up and running. Regulations mean that we need a minimum number of marshals and other volunteers present.

Putting it bluntly, virtually all races are run by volunteers and if you race at all then you should be willing to also volunteer. We understand that you want to focus on your racing, but we are a multi-discipline league, and if you can help out with other events then hopefully everyone gets to race and we help each other out.

We need help this Sunday. First race is at 8:45 and last race finishes around noon. Even if you can only do an hour or two that would be great. There is an online spreadsheet you can enter your details into but you can e-mail (or me

Please support your league. Dave Gerrey – Treasurer