AGM Next Week!

Yikes! That came around quick.

Saturday 12th November from 5:30pm at Knoyle Hall, Knoyle Road Brighton, right after the PPYCC AGM.

Note that the hall is right next to the Parish Church of St John The Evangelist, not where Google has the marker at time of writing.

Please do not park on the driveway in front of the hall as the committee need it to get equipment in and out.

If you have any agenda items please email them to the committee at


If you have not returned your league numbers yet, PLEASE bring it with you to the AGM. New numbers cost money.

Items on the agenda so far are:

Committee and volunteer positions

For various reasons the people performing these duties will be winding down their input over the year before stopping completely, so please consider getting involved early from this year to “pick up the ropes”

  • Treasurer (Committee position)
  • Promoter (Committee position)
  • Chief Judge (Volunteer position)

There are also two other positions which are currently vacant and could greatly lighten the workload for people in other roles.

  • Volunteer Organiser
  • Facilities

More information on these roles will be given at the AGM.

Our committee also requires 3 rider reps, of which we only have one at the moment. Ideally we would like a male senior, a female senior and a youth representative (youth A or B).

2023 Dates

More information on our circuit and track racing, plus accreditation dates will be revealed.

Season Review

  • A financial review of the season

Next Season


Information on our plans to try and keep the league viable and spread the workload.

Ladies Night

A change to hopefully make the league more attractive to women racers and encourage more women to join the league.


Prizes will then be awarded.

There will be awards for league overall winners, championship winners, and committee selected awards which can be read about here (not all committee awards are being given out this year).

This years prize distribution for league places is shown below.

Senior A  Male Female 
1st £60 Isaac Wright – 
2nd £40 Jack Smith – 
3rd £20 Charlie Heffernan – 
1Vet £40 Matt O’Brien – 
Senior B  Male Female 
1st £40 William Flatau – 
2nd £20 Ben Tamplin – 
3rd £10 Alex Beattie – 
1Vet £20 Alex Beattie – 
Senior C  Male Female 
1st £20 Alex Beattie Gina Boakes 
2nd £10 Bill Boyle – 
3rd £5 Peter Levenspiel – 
1Vet £10 Alex Beattie Gina Boakes 
Youth Major Male Female 
1st £20 Noah Wheller Idah Hicks 
2nd £15 Hadley Davis – 
3rd £10 Luca Geddes Gasco – 
Youth Minor  Male Female 
1st £15 Charles Bunting Megan Costello 
2nd £10 Cooper Aberdour Eliza Hibberd 
3rd £5 Megan Costello –