League News

Week #13: Senior A Ten Mile

It’s the second (first was rained off) chance for A riders to have a shot at the ten mile scratch this week (28 laps). If there are not at least ten riders for this, it will be a regular 8 lap scratch and As will race a dash later like everyone else. If you are an A that’s keen on it, encourage some more A riders to enter here.

Organiser Training

The organiser training looks like it will be the evening of Tuesday the 12th July, over Zoom (or similar). Just three people have expressed a wish to attend so far. If no-one else is willing to be an organiser there is little chance of any racing at all next year. You can put your name down on the form here.

The original post, once again, with some info about organising is here.

Volunteers Week #13

In a similar vein, we need to fill the volunteer spreadsheet as usual. If you can marshal or judge or any other help, please put your name down here. Someone who can do sign-on this week would be useful while Dave is away.

Roller Racing

We are just about ready to close the survey on this before we make a decision about whether there is enough interest or not. Last chance to have your say is here.