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Changing category, roller racing and new accreditation sessions (possibly).


A few weeks in, and some people start to want to race other categories. This is usually fine, but if you move category you need a new number.

If you want to move category you should, in the first instance, message registrations from the contact us page and make a formal request. Once it has been approved then you can enter your new category as normal and pick up a new number on race day.

Roller Racing!

Remember back at the beginning of the year when we purchased some racing rollers? Well if we want to use them over winter the time to start planning is now. We are currently in correspondence with BC about whether this would be an “official” sanctioned event(s) or not, but the main point was to have some fun and a bit of social time outside of the track league period.

With that in mind, there is a short survey to gauge interest, so please fill it out once for each person that may attend (so if you are a parent, even if not racing, please fill out once for yourself and once for each racing youth). Click here to access the survey.


We have had a lot of queries about accreditation from parents! As it looks like there will not be a summer series this year because no-one has stepped forward, we intend to use a couple of those Fridays if there is enough interest. This would be from 6pm as usual.

If you are interested in getting accredited this year, please fill out the form here to register your interest. Do note that this is for senior (16 years and over) riders and youth A riders only. Potentially youth B could be included but enquire with the committee first.