SCRL Wednesday 1st August – Sponsored by True Wheels

This week’s racing takes a small departure from the usual Week B programme with two additional prize opportunities.

Prize opportunity 1: This week’s League sponsor, True Wheels, the wheel building and repairs and wheel related Ebay store, have put up £60 for a Scratch Elimination race; in place of the Win and Out race. A 12-lap scratch race turns into a prize elimination for all those still in the bunch. With £30, £20 and £10 for the first 3 riders in the event there is also £10 for each female rider who makes it to the elimination stage*.

Prize opportunity 2: The evening’s announcer, Anthony Rogers (owner of sponsors True Wheels) will be rerunning a version of last years, surprisingly, well received cycle cap competition. Be the first to spot, and identify, any place-based cycle cap and win a packet of Shot Blocks.

* Description of the race:

  • After the scratch phase of the race anyone not in the same straight as the bunch will be eliminated en-masse.
  • The Elimination stage of the race is based on the passage of the bunch over the line after 12 laps.
  • Anyone ahead of the bunch in the scratch phase of the race will be considered to be a lap behind, unless they rejoin the bunch in the first lap of the elimination phase.
  • Riders will be eliminated in singles or pairs dependant on numbers on the night.
  • The sprints will go down to the final two riders, with a bell for the ultimate elimination.