URGENT Volunteers Required For March 4th Racing

We are in urgent need of confirmed volunteers for our circuit races on Sunday 4th March.

Send an email to if you can help out.

Without volunteers the races WILL BE CANCELLED.  We cannot stress this enough.  There is a safety requirement of a minimum amount of marshaling positions which must be filled for racing to be allowed to go ahead.

Racing is from 9 to 12 but if you want to split duties with someone else that is fine.  Maybe you could volunteer to help after your race?  Is someone coming along to support you or watch?  Could they do it?

We are currently in need of (at a minimum):

2 x roaming marshals to monitor the track perimeter.

1 x gate marshal to allow access in/out of the circuit when safe.

We also need 1 x currently qualified first aid-er, though this role can be filled by one of the marshals or other volunteers.

1 x volunteer to help with sign on would also be desirable.

Please remember these races cannot run without volunteers.

We will update on Thursday evening as to the status of the races.

An important point about volunteering

Many of the committee often end up filling these roles when they already give their time to manage and run the league and associated events.  If it continues to fall almost exclusively on their shoulders, then people will stop being part of the committee.  No committee members means no committee, no committee means no events.  No events means the track falling into low use and disrepair again.  Who knows what might happen after that.

Sorry to sound so negative but that’s the way it is.

Please try to volunteer at least once or twice this year!