Track Commissaires Required

We need more Track Commissaires to support our racing events.

Commissairing suits people who like to support racing events, those who like to keep an eye on the racing and those who like to work in a team of likeminded people. Training is given and no special experience, or prior knowledge is required.

For younger Commissaires there are many opportunities in this central volunteering role, including, potentially, international duties. If, however you want a more relaxed role then you may wish to copy the Commissairing programme of some of our Commissaires. This commonly involves never commissairing anywhere other than at Preston Park. In this case there is a small commitment of around 6 to 16 nights a season. There are many other ways to play the role between these two extremes.

It is a friendly and fun role with a free cup of tea!

For more information please contact Anthony Rogers at

For more information from British Cycling go to

The next (free!) Trainee Track Commissaire course closest to us is 14th April 10.00am to 5.00pm in South Portsmouth.  Contact Dan Greenwood Tel: 07940 302249 Email:

Sign up for the course here.

Closing date for signing up is 1st April.