AGM Online

Following an unsuccessful attempt at our previous Annual General Meeting (AGM), the committee has made the decision to host the upcoming AGM in an online format via Zoom. We extend a warm invitation to all interested parties within our league community to participate in this important event.

Date and Time: Jan 24th 19:00 pm


  1. Filling Committee Positions:
    • Discussion and appointment of individuals for the roles of Treasurer and Chief Judge.
  2. 2024 Racing Dates:
    • Presentation and approval of the proposed racing schedule for the upcoming year.
  3. 2024 Circuits Dates and Racing in General:
    • Detailed overview and discussion of circuit dates and broader racing considerations for the 2024 season.
  4. Potential Changes to League Structure and Points System:
    • Exploration and consideration of any proposed modifications to enhance the league structure and points system.
  5. Financial Review of the Season:
    • Presentation and analysis of the financial performance of the league throughout the past season.
  6. Volunteers and Organizers:
    • Open discussion regarding volunteer opportunities and organizational aspects within the league.

We encourage all individuals with a vested interest in our league to actively participate in the discussions. Your insights, feedback on the previous season, and ideas for the upcoming season are highly valued. Please take this opportunity to share your thoughts with the committee.

If you have any specific points you would like to raise during the AGM or if you are unable to attend but wish to contribute, please reach out to the committee in advance.

We look forward to your participation and collaboration in shaping the future of our league.

Prize giving

Prize giving will be on a separate night
17th Jan 19:00
Conservatory of Cleveland Pub
Cleveland Road

Best regards,