Week 14

🌟 Week 14 Racing Alert! 🌟

Get ready for an exciting week of racing as we dive into Week 14 of our thrilling season! We have some fantastic events planned, with a special focus on our youth riders. It’s going to be an action-packed evening you won’t want to miss!

This week, our youth riders will be in the spotlight, taking on a longer points race and a thrilling block handicap event. The points race will test their endurance, strategy, and ability to accumulate valuable points throughout the race. It’s an opportunity for our talented young riders to showcase their skills and determination on the track.

In addition to the points race, our youth riders will also tackle a block handicap event, where every rider has an equal opportunity to succeed. It’s an exciting format that evens the playing field and creates a thrilling competition, ensuring that each rider has a chance to shine.

As we approach the final stretch of our season, we want to extend our gratitude to the dedicated volunteers who have supported us thus far. However, we still need more helping hands to ensure the success of our events. If you haven’t had the chance to volunteer yet, we kindly ask you to consider signing up using the following link: Your support is vital in creating a safe, organized, and enjoyable racing experience for all participants.

Looking ahead, we want to give you a heads-up that next week will be our last championship week, featuring the highly anticipated elimination race. It’s a nail-biting event that tests riders’ tactics and endurance as they strive to stay ahead and avoid being eliminated. Be sure to mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details as we approach the grand finale of our season!

Don’t miss out on the excitement and camaraderie of Week 14 racing. Join us as we cheer on our talented youth riders, witness incredible displays of skill, and celebrate the unwavering spirit of competition.

Stay connected with our website and social media channels for the latest updates on the race schedule, format, and any additional announcements. We can’t wait to see you at the track!

Let’s make Week 14 an extraordinary racing experience, filled with thrilling moments, memorable performances, and the spirit of unity within our racing community.

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