Week 10


Get ready for another thrilling week of racing as we dive into Week 10 of our exciting season! We have an exciting lineup of events planned for each senior category, ensuring there’s something for everyone on the track.

In Week 10, Senior B riders will take center stage as they gear up for the highly anticipated Sprint Championship. It’s a chance for our talented Senior B athletes to showcase their explosive speed and sprinting prowess. Expect adrenaline-fueled battles and neck-to-neck finishes as they compete for the prestigious title.

Meanwhile, in Senior A, riders will be embarking on an Omnium adventure. This multi-discipline event tests riders’ versatility and all-around skills across various race formats. From endurance to speed, strategy to tactics, Senior A riders will face a range of challenges to claim the top spot in the Omnium standings.

For our Senior C riders, it will be a regular week of racing, providing an opportunity to showcase their skills and compete in their preferred disciplines. It’s a chance to continue honing their abilities and enjoying the camaraderie of the racing community.

As we look ahead to Week 10, let’s also express our gratitude to the volunteers who make these events possible. Their time, effort, and dedication contribute to the smooth and successful execution of our races. If you haven’t volunteered yet, we encourage you to sign up and become an integral part of our racing community.

Stay tuned for more details on the race schedule, formats, and any updates specific to Week 10. Check our website and social media channels for the latest information.

Let’s continue to embrace the excitement and challenges of competitive cycling as we move forward in our racing season. Whether you’re a Senior B sprinter, a Senior A rider embracing the Omnium, or a Senior C competitor enjoying a regular week, let’s support and inspire one another on and off the track.

Get ready for a thrilling Week 10 as we witness the remarkable talent and determination of our senior riders. See you at the races!