League News

Dave gets on his bike!

If you were at the circuit races this week you will have seen a fundraising notice by our very own Dave Gerrey. I’ll let him explain what it’s about in his own words:

Anyone who knows me knows I really only ride because my kids joined a cycle club and somehow I have ended up running it and coaching.  Having managed to get myself fitter over the last few years I thought the idea of riding the closed roads of Brighton ahead of the Marathon for charity a great next step.  I had planned to do it in 2020 then we all know what came next.  So when the opportunity to ride it this year and raise funds for the local hospital at the same time came along I grabbed it with both feet.  Just my luck, the day I registered I then ended up as a guest of the RSCH for a few days so I definitely have to pay them for that now.  Please help me towards my target on this my first real attempt at a charity ride.

You can sponsor Dave at

Velodrome Art

The council is looking to commission an artist to paint a mural across the back of the velodrome stands.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, this would make the velodrome feel much more welcoming and is something we should all support.

If you wish to leave a comment, or obtain more details (perhaps you know an artist who would be interested) then visit the webpage here.

Primary Volunteer Positions

Late last year we asked for people to be forthcoming about filling some roles on a regular basis, see this post here.

The response has been, frankly, non-existent.

This leaves the league in very much a position of not being able to operate if any person who is the sole person able to fulfil that role is unavailable, for whatever reason.

Please have a read of that post again and have a good think about offering up services.

If everyone in the league could cover a couple of roles, you would probably only have to do it once or twice a season. We don’t really want to have to go down the “compulsory volunteer slots” route but it may be that we have to.

Thank you.