One Week To Go

In a weeks time we will kick off the first winter circuits series for a couple of years. Exciting stuff.

There are still some entry places available (click here). Remember its more expensive on the day so entering online not only guarantees you a place it saves you money!

Womens race: 9 out of 30 entries. You need one more racer to get points across the top ten! Otherwise its 3, 2 and 1 points for the top three only!

Mixed Category 4: Filling nicely, at 17 entries from 30 at time of writing.

Mixed Category 2/3: 23 out of 30 taken. Not many left so if you want to race you’d better hurry!

But there won’t be any racing at all if we can’t get ……


Plenty of the 2/3 racers have stepped up to volunteer for the marshalling positions, and one category 4 racer. It would be good to see some more riders doing their bit. You can do this in one of two common ways:

  • Volunteer to marshal after your race (women or 4th cat racers)
  • Bring a friend to marshal during your race (4th cat or 2/3 racers)

I’m sure I don’t need to say it: No marshals = no race (at all).

You can sign up on the volunteer sheet here: