League News

COVID Restriction Easing

And what does it mean for us at Track League?

In short, very little.

  • Our track limits are within the permissible minimum bunch sizes set at their most restrictive anyway.
  • The track and trace QR check-in is still encouraged, so those will still be put on display.
  • There is plenty of room for social distancing to continue. Please respect those who may wish to keep a social distance outside of the racing bunch and vice-versa.
  • Entry will remain online only for the time being, as it saves a considerable amount of work on the day. We may consider bringing it back under different conditions.

Weather is looking good this week. Lets try and make it a final 4 weeks to remember.

League Entry

Sorry about the delay in the entry page being created this week.

Each week we have to move across any no-shows and also make sure that we bill anyone who didn’t pre-enter on the night. This all adds to the admin.

With that in mind, there are quite a few “late entries”, if we want to call them that, each week, and the same faces seem to crop up an awful lot!

Entry for track league is open until 3pm on the day so please enter online, as the additional admin of chasing post-race entry payments all takes time.


Our pursuits champs is up in a week or so’s time. There will be a separate entry form just as we had for the sprint champs. Keep an eye on your inbox.