Summer (?) Circuits #2

Our racing for Friday currently has a weather warning in place.

Right now, the wind speed (which is what the warning is for) seems to be dropping in expectation at about the start time of our first race.

In respect of this, we will be looking at the forecast on Friday morning and announcing a decision either way by mid-day. Check your emails and also our website and social media channels.

Should we have to cancel, we will by default move your entry to the next in the series. If you want a refund instead you will be able to action this yourself through rider HQ via your moved entry.

So with that in mind and presuming all goes ahead…

Note that the womens 3/4 race is first this week at 18:10, followed by the 4th category race at 19:00 and the 2/3/4 at 19:50. If you need a reference, the BC website has all the details here as well:

Races are back to the normal format this week and licence points are up for grabs once again. All that said, we are still under restrictions so you should also make sure that you familiarise yourself with our covid guidance page.

Prior to Friday


Ensure you have followed us on Twitter or follow the Facebook page or are signed up to emails from the website in case of cancellation. Emails will be sent to you directly but monitoring all channels is usually best.


As usual, we have the track from 6pm, which is when we clear out the public and lock the gates (though I expect there will be few people if the weather is bad).

Prior to that, you can still come in and get set up but do bear in mind that the entire track area is open to the public (both cyclists and non-cyclists) and you should exercise extreme caution if using the circuit to warm up.

  • Please keep away from the main gate and sign on hut (opposite the main gate) to leave this area clear to collect numbers and for the public to access the stands.
  • Please don’t arrive too early for your race. If you want to get here early and watch, please do so safely from the walled seating area by the third corner. Do not crowd the area near the main gate.

As space is limited we won’t strictly segregate the groups but please try to adhere to the following:

  • Riders with turbo trainers for warm-up, please try to use the stands/steps.
    • Riders in the stands/steps must keep socially distanced. Be at least one step up to allow room for others to move through the stands.
    • Women and 2/3/4 racers with turbo trainers, try to use the stands/steps at the NEAR END to the sign on hut.
    • 4th cats with turbo trainers please use the stands/steps at the FAR end of the stands from the sign on hut.
    • The judging/commissaire area may also be set up on the stands so please leave room around them to do their job.
  • Racers with rollers (or turbo trainers which will not safely fit on the stands), please don’t use the stands/steps. It’s a bit of a safety risk for you and others if you happen to wobble off and a fair drop on to the concrete steps below! We would hate for you to DNS because you broke your arm falling off your rollers and down the steps!
    • Women and 2/3/4 riders, please line up NEXT to the track fence.
    • 4th cats please line up on the OTHER side of the path (i.e. far side from the track fence).
    • Keep socially distanced and at least two fence posts away from the main gate.
  • You may also use the areas further away along the side of the track or by the spectating area if you wish/have someone to look after your kit while you race. Just don’t block any walkways or gates.
  • As everyone has their licence pre-approved there is no “sign on” other than collecting your number.


We will try to have riders exit the track from the TOP of the velodrome to avoid crowding at the main gate while we get the next race in.

Please don’t forget to return your number. We should have a plastic bin there for you to drop this in so it may be sanitised, but you will be advised accordingly on the day.

Please pack up and leave as soon as you can (maybe grab a coffee from coops coffee on the way out for the journey home!). This is especially important for the riders in the first race of the evening to make room for the riders in the last race to warm up.

Also just one more equipment reminder. The weather may be bad but you still must not carry anything on your bike which is not required for racing. i.e. don’t turn up on your winter bike with mudguards.

Fingers crossed!