Track League Week #3

Weather Alert

Weather Alerts: Short Version

Chance of rain today at a time which may affect racing. Watch the website and the social media channels (linked below) for any updates. We will also endeavour to SMS message those of you who gave us a mobile number if we decide/need to cancel.

What about my entry?

By default, with a cancellation, we will move everyone’s entry to the next week.

Weather Alerts: Long Version

Those of you new to the track league may not be aware that our risk assessment for riding on fixed gear bikes (track bikes in other words) is reliant on our track being both clean and dry.

This is because we suffer from a degree of moss on two of the corners covered by overhanging trees. When this gets wet it is quite slippery. This can be problematic on a freewheel bike but fixed gear becomes much more difficult to keep control of.

So when we race track it is reliant on the track being dry, or sometimes being likely to be dry within a reasonable amount of time.

A lot of this will come down to weather conditions. When there are high winds or high temperatures the track can dry quite quickly. Without those, the problematic parts can take an age to dry.

So the majority of the time we will try to call a cancellation by 5:00pm to avoid people setting out. However if it looks like the track may dry with enough daylight left to make a late start feasible (with enough daylight) we might defer.

This does of course mean that there is always the possibility that we might get to the track and have to cancel at the last minute, though this rarely happens in practice.