Track Open Practice

Track time available Wednesday 7th and Friday 9th April

Accredited riders required to be there from 6pm on Wednesday and Friday to help with accreditation so that the new riders have a bunch to race with.

  • You must be accredited at Preston Park Velodrome to attend.
  • You must have a valid British Cycling “Race” level membership (but do not need a race licence).

No payment is necessary.  If there are too many riders you may have to take it in turns to sit out as accrediting riders must take priority.

Volunteers will be needed anyway to marshal the track so please be prepared to give up a bit of time.

Please remember COVID guidance is still in effect. Try to stay out of big bunches on the track until the accreditation process requires it.

You can enter at Rider HQ here for Wednesday and here for Friday.

Volunteer Lists

Also: Volunteer lists looking empty. Please consider signing up here, especially if you are a parent coming along as a youths helper. (if the spreadsheet appears not to load, click on the tabs at the bottom, it usually reloads it then).