YES! is the answer to the question on the lips of you all, the racing IS still on.

But will it be next week? We still have a mostly empty volunteer rota for next week and once again we MUST have first aid cover. Please add your name to the spreadsheet here if you can (it would also help if you can email with your contact details).

Anyway. Whilst it’s going to be pretty gusty tomorrow, and possibly a bit wet for some races, there are no weather warnings in place so racing should certainly be possible. As it stands we are going ahead. Can we say that it definitely won’t change? No, because if the forecast is wrong, and the weather is even worse at the time, if it has to be called off, it has to be called off. So whilst we are going ahead at this time we wanted to make sure that the situation is fully understood.

If anything changes all entrants will be emailed as well as messages on our website, Twitter and Facebook channels.

Anyway, positive thoughts! Just a few important notes about the day:

  • If you don’t have your card yet, or forget it, we can accept online on a phone, but you may have to leave a deposit for the race number.
  • Sign on opens at 8:30, one hour before the first race, and closes ten minutes before race start. Please give priority to riders racing before you.
  • If any reserve spaces become available, they are then signed on, in priority order. Any remaining spaces after that are given to walk up entries.
  • Sign on in is in the small hut on the concrete plinth adjacent to the main velodrome gates, next to the stands.
  • Youth and juniors should gear check before signing on (gear check will be in proximity of the sign on hut).
  • There will be a short turn around between races, with limited time to warm up on the track. There is plenty of room around the velodrome for rollers and turbo trainers to warm up on, but cover from the elements is limited. Please keep the sign on and gear check area clear.
  • The Brighton half marathon is also on this day. This shouldn’t impact us directly, but there are road closures along the coast road (A259) if you were coming that way. Traffic may also be a bit heavier generally, so allow enough time.
  • Parking on “The Ride” at the top of the velodrome is free on Sunday until 1pm. After that you will need to pay and the wardens WILL be out checking.
  • Unfortunately, our usual coffee van, Coops Coffee, cannot attend the first two races. There is however a cafe in Preston Park itself, two minutes walk away. The pavilion will be open for changing and toilets.

See you Sunday!