Circuit Races: Volunteer Alert

Once again we are just two weeks from our first race and we find that very few people have taken up the volunteer positions we require to run the races.

You can sign up on our volunteer status page here, or you can email us by clicking here.

Please consider the following scenarios and whether you can help out:

  • If racing, you could marshall after or before your race, still leaving an hour for warm-up:
    • Older youth could marshall for women after their race
    • Women could marshall for 4ths after their race
    • 4ths could marshall for youth race or for 2/3/4
    • 2/3/4 could marshall for women or 4ths
  • Parents of youth could marshall while they race, meaning no hanging around before or after.
  • Seniors, persuade a friend to come along and marshall for your race.

All marshalls/volunteers working get a free hot drink from coops coffee! Volunteer for more than one race and get a free drink for each race!

We also MUST have qualified First Aid for each race. If you can help in this respect, or if anyone you are bringing to marshall is qualified please let us know.

And now the nasty bit. A reminder:

  • SCRL is a group of volunteers who already give up a large portion of their time to put these races on and ensure that they happen.
  • It is not a cycling club with a roster of volunteers to call on.
  • It is not making money on anything that will not benefit everyone. All profits from the racing that SCRL promotes goes back into promoting the racing, and sustaining and improving the track and the velodrome.

If we can’t fill these positions with a week to go, the event may well have to be cancelled.

If the same thing happens for the next weeks race, the entire series will have to be pulled.

Your co-operation is appreciated.

Lets make this happen!