Pre-Season warm up and Registration this Wednesday

Yes – just over a week now to the start of the 2019 track season at Preston Park. Racing starts on Wednesday 17th. So this Wednesday we have a pre-season warm up plus an opportunity to sort out your registration etc for the season. The track is booked so a chance to make sure you and your bike are ready. There is a small charge to help cover the cost of the track hire.

While you are there why not also sort out your registration so things are not quite so busy on the first evening. You do need to complete a registration form but if you raced last season then we have already printed one for you so all you need to do is check we still have all the right info, complete details about you BC licence (please bring your licence with you if you have one), sign and hand over £5. In exchange we will give you your race number for the season. Deal!

If you didn’t race last year then you can complete the registration form online at or you can download the form and bring it along (please note we won’t have printed out any online registrations received after 8pm Tuesday).

Riders do need to be accredited before they can race. There is another accreditation session this Friday then just one more on the 3rd May. A big thank you to the experienced riders that answered my plea for help last Friday, you contributed to a very successful session and apologies if you were charged for the evening, if you were then either claim a free session this Wednesday or I will sort out a refund. Help please this Friday as well!

Big changes this season with just 5 race categories. Check this and the new race program for the season on the website and make sure you know what a Tempo race is. Maybe we can practise some on Wednesday.