What a great first week!

What a week! The sun shone, the wind was low, and we had a (record?) 61 riders signing on.

We ran separate senior A/B races all night due to the volume of senior riders, and hope to do the same again this week. With another 6 riders accredited last Friday this Wednesday should be better than ever!

As we will plan to split the senior A/B races again, time is of the upmost importance so we need to keep things moving as swiftly as possible.

  • Please arrive in plenty of time for sign on.  Have your money ready.  Now that most people have registered this should be a quicker process but the quicker we can get signed on the quicker we can get racing.
  • Make sure you are ready for your race.  Move to the safety line (cones or tape usually) on the grass at the edge of the track when called.  When the commissaire allows, line up as quick as is safely possible.
  • When your race is complete, move off the track on to the grass after passing the large traffic cones beyond the finish, once it is safe to do so.  You should not need to go any further than half-way round the track to be going slowly enough to leave the track safely.  This allows us to get the next race underway as soon as possible.
  • When racing is finished for the evening, please do NOT ride around the track, at least until the track area is clear of all volunteers.  The track gets dark very quickly and people are moving across the track a lot to put away equipment.  If you need to “spin down”, please use a turbo or rollers.

Here’s to another great weeks racing this week!