Volunteers needed for April 8th racing

It’s that time again when we put out the appeal to fill our volunteer requirement for racing. As a reminder these positions MUST be filled for racing to take place. If the comm turns up and we cannot show that the requirements are in place, they can call the whole thing off, there and then!

Nobody wants that, so lets get together and make the event happen. You can see the list of positions we need to fill on our volunteering page (note that not all positions are required for the circuit races, see table below).

Specifically the positions we have most difficulty filling are the gate and roving marshalls. It’s easier if we can get people to volunteer the whole day, but if you don’t mind, why not volunteer outside of your race time? If enough people volunteer (we only need three from each race) it could work like this:

  • Youth/Womens race: Volunteers from the 2/3 race, 4’s can warm up.
  • 4s Race: After the start, youth/women can take over and 2/3 volunteers can warm up.
  • 2/3 Race: After the start, 4s can take over.

If you can help out, please send an email to

We will update this page as the positions are filled.

Remember, the league is not run as a business, and nobody gets paid, it is entirely volunteer driven. We need your help!

Position Volunteer
First Aid(As many as possible) Steve Kane
Anthony Rogers
Brock Duncumb-Rogers
Sign On 1 Ed Raynard
Sign On 2 Wendy Harman
Chief Judge Anthony Rogers
Line Judge 1 Brock Dunbumb-Rogers
Line Judge 2 Steve Kane
Gate Marshall Richard Burnett
Perimiter Marshall 1 Georgina Burnett
Perimiter Marshall 2 Rahul Fortescue-Talwar
Perimiter Marshall 3 Adam Churchill