A great start to the series, can you come along next week?

Despite a few showers the coldest weather stayed away, and not a sign of snow anywhere.  Thus began the first SCRL event of the year.  The cancellation of other events in the area led to an influx of on the day entries, which swelled the ranks well.  Results will be posted as soon as they are collated.  Keep an eye on our Facebook and twitter accounts.

Nothing could happen without the volunteers, and so this week we would like to thank:

  • Dave Gerry
  • Ed Raynard
  • Tobias Bunyan
  • Anthony Rogers
  • Gabriel Parle
  • Steve Anderson
  • Alan Newman
  • David Hicks
  • Kim Talwar

Also our assigned commissaires for the day, Mark Blackman and Phil (didn’t catch your last name Phil, sorry!).

So once again, the appeal goes out.  We NEED volunteers for the racing on the coming Sunday 11th March.  Same races, same times, same volunteer requirements.

Please email with the dates and times you can help out.  Let’s keep the racing going!