Start Racing!

So you’ve decided that racing might be the thing for you and you’d like to give it a try at SCRL. What do you need to do?

Come and try it

The league runs a few ad-hoc “come and try it” sessions where you can just turn up and try out riding a fixed gear track bike. There’s even a nice big patch of grass to ride round on for anyone nervous about falling off! If you don’t have a bike, it’s possible to rent one, subject to a small fee and availability.

Get Accredited

If you want to race at the league, and you haven’t raced at Preston Park on a fixed gear bike before, you’ll need to get accredited before you can race. Read about the accreditation process.

Note that accreditation is not necessary for the road racing events held by the league as these are on regular road bikes.


Once you are accredited, you will need to register. Be aware of the fees that are payable and the licence requirements.


Thats it! You’re ready to enter the exciting and rewarding world of cycle racing!