Wednesday Track League Standings 2023

You will appear in bold if you currently qualify for league awards. Race more weeks to qualify, it is based on the number of weeks that racing has been on.

NoSenior APointsWeeks
1st13Ben TAMPLINPPYCC21211
2nd7Isaac WRIGHTProject 5121110
3rd21Freddie HICKUnattached20312
4th8Charlie HEFFERNANBrighton Mitre19612
5th26Edwin BOYLEPreston Park Youth Cycling Club1378
6th3Jack SMITHBrighton Mitre12011
7th15William FLATAUElite Cycling Development Team985
8th4Nathan COZENSBrighton Mitre7612
9th19Noah WHELLERPreston Park Youth Cycling Club7210
10th28Mark DAYBrighton Mitre CC565
11th12Matt O’BRIENFull Gas Racing Team289
12th14Luca Geddes GASCOPPYC279
13th29Ben FLATAUElitecycling Development 181
NoSenior BPointsWeeks
1st74Milo CLARKEPPYCC17911
2nd85Ed RAYNARDBrighton Mitre16911
3rd87Alex BEATTIEBrighton Mitre CC1639
4th64Sam CHESMANTeam TMC/Strada Wheels1327
5th71Hadley DAVISPreston Park Youth Cycling Club12711
6th65Clive SPICERUnattached11410
7th93Ryan MACHINCrawley Wheelers Race Team 935
8th91William DAVISBrighton Excelsior797
9th70Luca Geddes GASCOPPYC730
10th62Stu NISBETTCrawley Wheelers Race Team687
11th90David BARNARDVC Etoile5910
12th75Idha HICKSPPYCC369
13th80Grace DAVIESProject 51315
14th61Tobias BUNYANEastbourne Rovers231
15th77Edwin BOYLEPreston Park Youth Cycling Club190
16th86William FLATAUElite Cycling Development Team180
17th81Rich SEABROOKBrighton Mitre CC151
18th84Austen LAINGHorsham Cycling Club142
20th79Bill BOYLEUnattached124
20th94Alfred BUNYANUnattached121
22nd72Noah WHELLERPreston Park Youth Cycling Club40
23rd82Nigel BURROWSV.C.Etoile11
NoSenior B WinsWins
1st87Alex BEATTIEBrighton Mitre CC8
3rd85Ed RAYNARDBrighton Mitre6
3rd93Ryan MACHINCrawley Wheelers Race Team 6
5th70Luca Geddes GASCOPPYC5
6th64Sam CHESMANTeam TMC/Strada Wheels4
7th62Stu NISBETTCrawley Wheelers Race Team3
7th86William FLATAUElite Cycling Development Team3
9th65Clive SPICERUnattached1
9th71Hadley DAVISPreston Park Youth Cycling Club1
9th80Grace DAVIESProject 511
9th81Rich SEABROOKBrighton Mitre CC1
NoSenior CPointsWeeks
1st136Peter LEVENSPIELSussex Nomads CC1659
2nd125Paul WHELLERUnattached1589
3rd128Stephen HUTCHINSUnattached14012
4th140Idha HICKSPPYCC1010
5th126Howard GRIFFINSussex Nomads935
6th127Grace DAVIESProject 51720
7th134Peter BAKERLewes Wanderers CC716
8th158Anthony BARKERCrawley Wheelers604
9th152Colin CHAMBERSCrawley Wheelers534
10th137Jessamy HIBBERDUnattached426
11th135Ben GERREYUnattached388
12th141Isobel BEATTIEBrighton Mitre Cycling Club 356
13th153Allan STONECrawley Wheelers 344
14th154Chris WOODSCrawley Wheelers252
15th145Rich SEABROOKBrighton Mitre CC240
16th150Georgina WISECrawley Wheelers195
17th144Teresa TAMPLINUnattached172
18th121Gina BOAKESLewes Wanderers cc162
18th162Anthony ROGERSPreston Park Youth CC161
20th157Ella CHATFIELDCWRT134
21st122Sharon SPICERunattached123
22nd146Rob BICKERSEastbourne Rovers CC92
23rd159Abbey FILSELLUnattached74
24th142Rachael GEDDESUnattached41
24th155Darren BOAKESCrawley Wheelers 43
26th147Jurgen FORSTERUnattached32
27th123Neil MORRISBrighton Mitre01
27th139Sam KINLOCHUnattached00
27th151Wayne BAILEYCrawley Wheelers03
27th156Seamus MCALISTERBTNRT01
27th160Allen FILSELLUnattached03
27th166Ross LYNCHUnattached01
NoSenior C WinsWins
2nd140Idha HICKSPPYCC8
3rd125Paul WHELLERUnattached5
3rd158Anthony BARKERCrawley Wheelers5
5th127Grace DAVIESProject 514
5th136Peter LEVENSPIELSussex Nomads CC4
5th145Rich SEABROOKBrighton Mitre CC4
8th128Stephen HUTCHINSUnattached2
9th152Colin CHAMBERSCrawley Wheelers1
NoYouth MajorPointsWeeks
1st176Charles BUNTINGPreston Park Youth Cycling Club31111
2nd185Gabriel Kh AUPreston Park Youth Cycling Club24412
3rd172Megan COSTELLOPPYCC 17511
4th186Alex GOODWILLPreston Park Youth Cycling Club1507
5th181Cooper ABERDOURPreston Park Youth Cycling Club896
6th177Harley CLARKEPreston Park Youth Cycle Club644
7th182Felix BOYLEPreston Park Youth Cycling Club553
8th174Rosie WINGATELiv Cycling Club – Halo Films160
9th171Rowan SHORTPPYCC00
9th184Seth KINLOCHPreston Park Youth Cycling Club00
9th187Gus CORNOCKPreston Park Youth Cycling Club00
NoYouth MinorPointsWeeks
1st204Luke SPICERPreston Park Youth Cycling Club27213
2nd206Vincent SIMONPreston Park Youth Cycling Club 27011
3rd210Raphael VESEY HOLTppycc1777
4th201Charlie HUTCHINSPreston Park Youth Cycle Club16912
5th209Rowan SHORTPPYCC15210
6th207Eliza HIBBERDPreston Park Youth Cycling Club14012
7th208Heather SKINNERPreston Park Youth Cycling Club202