Pursuits Competition 2018

Finals – 8th August

Station Rider Judge Holder
1 Charlie Heffernan [5:23.47]
3 Steve Kane [5:29.17]
? Patrick Brown [DNS]
? Brock Duncumb [DNS]

Semi Finals Schedule 1 – 27th June

[F] = Finalist

Station Rider Judge Holder
1 Adam Gent [5:56.96] Georgina Burnett Patrick Brown
2 [F] Charlie Heffernan [5:19.52] Ben Gerry Adam Churchill
3 [F] Steve Kane [5:25.22] Anthony Rogers Brock Duncumb
4 Tobias Bunyan [6:01.57] Sarah Cooper John Aston

Semi Finals Schedule 2 – 4th July

[F] = Finalist

Station Rider Judge Holder
1 Adam Churchill [DNS] Georgina Burnett Adam Gent
2 [F] Patrick Brown [5:30.63] Ben Gerry Charlie Heffernan
3 John Aston [DNS] Anthony Rogers Steve Kane
4 [F] Brock Duncumb [5:41.89] Sarah Cooper Tobias Bunyan

Qualifiers Schedule

Highlighted in pink is racing that day. Other names are the volunteers for that day
Could any other pursuit racers not scheduled to volunteer on a particular date please still try to make themselves available to fill any gaps.

Station 23 May 30 May 6 Jun 20 Jun
1 Tobias Bunyan [6:14.71] Adam Gent [6:09.48] Alaric Lester [DNF] Patrick Brown [5:35.48]
2 Alex Beyfus [6:14.84] Finn Anderson [DNS] Mark Day [DNS] Charlie Heffernan [5:25.50]
3 Brock Duncumb [5:47.29] Paul Barnard [DNS] Steve Kane [5:27.31] Robert Paynter [DNS]
4 Ollie Gray [DNS] John Aston [5:52.22] Ed Raynard [6:16.28] Adam Churchill [5:44.82]
1 Adam Gent ✓ Ollie Gray [n/a] Brock Duncumb ✓ Finn Anderson ✓
2 Alaric Lester ✓ Tobias Bunyan ✓ Robert Paynter ✓ Ed Raynard ✓
3 Steve Kane ✓ Dave Barnard [n/a] Adam Churchill ✓ John Aston ✓
4 Patrick Brown ✓ Alex Beyfus ✓ Charlie Heffernan ✓ Mark Day ✓

Qualification Table

Pos. Name Time
1 [Q] Charlie Heffernan 5:25.50
2 [Q] Steve Kane 5:27.31
3 [Q] Patrick Brown 5:35.80
4 [Q] Adam Churchill 5:44.82
5 [Q] Brock Duncumb 5:47.29
6 [Q] John Aston 5:52.22
7 [Q] Adam Gent 6:09.48
8 [Q] Tobias Bunyan 6:14.71
9 Alex Beyfus 6:14.84
10 Ed Raynard 6:16.28

Who can enter?

  • The pursuit competition is open to all senior A and B riders. Click here to enter.
  • We have space for 16 riders.
  • In the event of low numbers, we may open the competition to lower age categories.

What do you need from me?

  • Each rider is obliged to act as a volunteer for another rider at a pre-arranged date. This is compulsory. Riders who do not complete their volunteer obligation will be ineligible for points.
  • A rider may nominate another person to fulfill their volunteer duty. This must be notified to the committee ahead of time.
  • Riders and volunteers have a pre-allocated starting station, listed down the left hand side of the table above. This was allocated randomly. Stations are numbered from 1 to 4, with 1 being the start/finish straight and proceeding anti-clockwise around the track. The starting points are the 4 red lines painted at even distances around the track. Approximate locations are:

    1. Just before the start/finish line.
    2. Halfway up the second straight, just before the double gates.
    3. Middle of the “top” straight (opposite the start finish straight).
    4. Just on/after the exit of the third corner, before the banking.
  • It is a riders responsibility to be at their station and ready to go at 6:45 (take your rollers over to the station area if you want to keep warming up until the last minute). There may be no public announcement. If you are not present at the start time you will not record a time.
  • It is also your responsibility to be at your volunteer station on time. Remember: You cannot record points without fulfilling your volunteer requirement.

How will the races be scheduled?

  • Races will be scheduled for a single four rider pursuit each week, excluding championship weeks.
  • Races will normally be the first event and will start at 6:45 sharp.
  • The final is scheduled for 4 weeks from the end of the season, to give us some breathing room for cancellations.


Date Round
23-May-18 Qualifier 1 of 4
30-May-18 Qualifier 2 of 4
06-Jun-18 Qualifier 3 of 4
20-Jun-18 Qualifier 4 of 4
27-Jun-18 Semi Final 1 (1st, 2nd, 7th and 8th)
04-Jul-18 Semi Final 2 (3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th)
18-Jul-18 Final

What format do the races take?

  • Every pursuit race is 7 laps of Preston Park velodrome.
  • There are 4 pursuit lines on the track, one on each straight of the track.
  • 4 riders shall compete at one time, one from each pursuit line.

How does it work?

  • Each rider will ride a qualifier
  • The fastest 8 riders from qualifiers will be scheduled into one of 2 (4 rider) semi-finals.
  • The fastest 2 riders from each semi final will be in a 4 rider final.
  • The top 6 places (4 finalists and 3rd place rider from each semi final) will receive championship points, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 points in the league respectively.

In the event we cannot complete the competition due to event cancellations:

  • If the qualifying rounds are not complete, the pursuit competition is entirely null and void.
  • If the semi finals are not complete, the fastest times from the qualifiers are used to decide the finishing order.
  • If the semi finals are complete, but the finals are not complete, the fastest times from the semi finals will decide the finishing order.

What do I need to do now?

  • Register online here https://goo.gl/forms/sZge5nSFz98sL90p1. Please make sure to indicate any weeks from the schedule you CANNOT attend. If you can already name a stand-in for your volunteer slot please leave their details also.
  • A schedule will be drawn up for both your pursuit slot and your volunteer slot(s) and you will be informed by email. The schedule will also be published on this page. Slots will be assigned at random or, in the event of a ‘crunch’ with available dates, the earliest registration takes priority. Start positions on the track will be assigned at random on the day.
  • If you wish to swap either your pursuit or volunteer slot with someone else and they agree to it, inform us via email and we will make the changes.
  • There is no additional entry cost for the pursuit competition. It is covered by your usual race day entry fee.