Circuit Race Covid Guidance

The following guidance is for the running of cycling events under the most severe restrictions. If restriction levels are relaxed by British Cycling you will be advised accordingly. Please prepare for your race as if the most severe guidance is in effect.

The guidance given here supercedes any information on our other event information pages.

Race Entry

  • Entry will be online only via RiderHQ.
  • There will be no on the day entries.

Before leaving for the venue

  • Make sure you are happy that you are not displaying any symptoms which could be COVID related
  • Make sure you bring your own supply of sanitation equipment, hand wash/wipes, gloves and face coverings.
  • Familiarise yourself with current British Cycling COVID guidance.
  • Familiarise yourself with the advice in the current version of “The Way forward” document, available here.

Arriving at the venue

  • Adult riders should not bring any non-riders to the sign-on or warm up areas of the venue.
  • Youth riders may bring one helper who should also adhere to all of the guidance/rules.
  • Please do not bring any spectators with you. If it is unavoidable, please ask them to watch from the north east corner seating area (the walled area by the main velodrome entrance) respecting the social distancing guidance in effect at the time.
  • For riders in the first race, sign-on will be ready one hour before race start
  • For riders in subsequent races, please do not arrive at the venue more than one hour before your race start.

Upon Arrival

  • Please sign in with the test and trace app using one of the quick codes provided at the venue.
  • Please proceed directly to the allocated warm up area for your race. This will be either:
    • The stands along the start/finish straight
    • Both sides of the paved area leading up to the main entry gate.
    • In dry weather, most likely will be on the grass area inside the velodrome.
  • You will have an individual allocated area within this area to keep you socially distanced from other riders. Youth helpers should also remain in their riders area if they do not wish to remove themselves to the spectating area.
  • You will be advised of your race number the day before.
  • Please do not congregate with other riders during pre-race.
  • You will not need to sign on for racing at the event. A manual “attendance register” will be checked against the start list. you do not need to “report” anywhere, we will find you.


  • Please wear a face mask or covering whenever you leave your allocated warm up zone except for racing.
  • Please DO NOT start to congregate around the entrance to the velodrome/edge of the track when start time is approaching. Wait until you are called.
  • Please DO NOT congregate together between races.
  • In limited time racing (under covid regulations) congregating together counts towards mandated maximum race time. If riders congregate ahead of time your race may be shortened or even pulled altogether.
  • Please DO NOT share any equipment, drinks bottles etc with other riders.


  • After the finish you will be directed off the racetrack.
    • If your warm up area is outside the velodrome, you will be directed out of the velodrome at either the main gate or one or both of the gates on the far side of the track. This is to minimise mixing of the racing groups.
    • If your warm up area is on the grass, you will be directed back on to the grass from near the gates at the top of the track.
  • After your last race, please either deposit your race number into one of the buckets provided near the exit if it is of the vinyl reusable type, or just take it home if it is of the waxed paper disposable type.
  • Please collect any equipment and leave the venue as soon as possible.


Results will be posted on the website as soon as possible.