Registration for the season is online only at Rider HQ.

Registrations not received by Monday 6pm may not be processed in time for entry for racing on that Wednesday.

Please read the following to understand the process before you apply.

  • Click on the link above and then click “Join”.
  • Fill out the form and submit it. There is nothing to pay yet.
  • We then need to see your BC membership status (if applicable) and your race licence (or lack of). You may either:
    • Send a photo of BOTH SIDES of your BC membership card to OR
    • Sign in to the British cycling website and go to this link and take a screenshot of ALL of the information (you can send more than one screenshot if you wish).
  • This is so we can verify that you have a valid race licence and your membership remains valid to the end of the season. We will not retain this photo once we have checked it.
  • We will then assign you a race number and approve your membership.
  • You will receive an email which will prompt you to pay your fee to complete your application.

We will wait approximately 5 days for you to send us BC membership info (if required). After that we will reject your application automatically.