Fees 2019

Bike Hire

On a first come first served basis, bike hire is £3 per bike per session for all age categories.

Concessionary Rate

Senior age members who are students or unemployed pay the concessionary rate, where applicable.

Open Practice

The charge is £3 per rider in every age category.  Open practice is for anyone who is accredited to come along for some track time.  These are usually semi structured and might involve some small races “for fun”.


  • Accreditation fees are payable at the start of each session.
Senior Junior Youth Concessions
Fee £5.00 £2.00 £2.00 £2.00


  • Registration is £5 for the season
  • Registration is payable the first time you race.
  • Please ensure you register online at least 24 hours before race time. Inside of 24 hours please bring a printout of the form.

Race Fees

  • Race fees are paid either per race meeting in cash, or can be paid for an entire season.
  • Season payments can be made for Wednesday night league racing only, they do not cover other SCRL events.
  • Season payments can be paid by bank transfer if required. Please contact membership@scrl.co.uk to request details.
Senior Junior Youth Concessions
Season £140.00 £112.00 £75.00 £112.00
Per Meeting £10.00 £8.00 £5.00 £8.00

Day Licence

    • A full British Cycling racing licence is required to race.
    • The licence must be valid until the end of the season.
    • Those without a full racing licence can pay for a day licence. As its name specifies, this licence only lasts for the day and must be paid for every race meeting.
    • More information on licencing and day licences is available at the British Cycling website.  Click here.
Non-Member Bronze Member Silver Member Gold member
Senior £10.00 £5.00 Free Free
Junior £5.00 £2.50 Free Free
Youth £1.50 £1.00 £1.00 £1.00