Prizes Galore!

Yes, we may be stuck indoors for tomorrows AGM, but we can still dish out some prizes for some lucky winners!

In conjunction with Upgrade Bikes we have put together four prize packs for four lucky winners.

The prizewinners will be chosen at random from those present at four different points in the meeting. So to be in with a chance of winning a package you must be there at the time. Thats it! You don’t even need to be clever!

The prize packages are as follows:

Prize 1: Lezyne tyre levers + Lezyne classic puncture repair kit + Lezyne metal patch kit + Lezyne Micro Drive light kit [front and rear] + Lezyne Carbon Road Drive Small pump.

Prize 2: Lezyne tyre levers + Lezyne classic puncture repair kit + Lezyne metal patch kit + Lezyne Micro Drive light kit [front and rear] + Lezyne Carbon Road Drive Small pump

Prize 3: Lezyne tyre levers + Lezyne classic puncture repair kit + Lezyne metal patch kit + Lezyne Micro Drive light kit [front and rear] + Carbon Road Drive Large pump

Prize 4: Lezyne tyre levers + Lezyne classic puncture repair kit + Lezyne metal patch kit + Lezyne Micro Drive light kit [front and rear] + Lezyne Track pump


AGM This Sunday

Don’t forget it’s the AGM this Sunday (October 18th), online at 5pm.

You will need to install the Zoom platform on your laptop or phone which you should do ahead of time. The download page is here. They also provide a page with a test meeting here so you can try it out.

The link to the meeting will be posted back here ON THIS PAGE about half an hour before the start, so bookmark this page to come back to it. When you click on the link your browser will prompt you to open the app and should take you straight to the meeting. Note we plan to record the meeting to aid recording of the minutes afterwards.

During the meeting, please leave your microphone muted so that the meeting can proceed in an orderly manner. You may join with or without video, your choice.

Please use the chat window to pose questions. After each section from the agenda we will cover any questions raised.

Please take a look at the agenda and particularly note the vacant positions. Some positions we like to have two people available, which is why they might have one name and “Vacant” next to it. So consider where you might be able to help out. The more people we can get to fulfill roles the less time each individual has to dedicate to doing it each year!

There will also be an e-raffle! We’ll explain this on the day but we’ve allocated enough to get around £300 worth of prizes courtesy of Upgrade Bikes.

So although there’s no roller racing, or awards, it would be good to see some of the regular faces again to cement our plans for the next year.

Have a beverage of your choice handy and see you at 5pm!


2020 AGM

Though we’ve had basically no racing this year the constitution requires us to hold an AGM. This will be held at 5pm on Sunday October 18th.

As there are no awards or prizes to give out we have decided to forego trying to hold a public AGM in person which would meet current covid requirements and will instead be holding the event online.

Anyone who wishes to attend will be able to join online (provider to be decided, but probably Zoom) and will be able to vote and ask questions as usual. We will send out another post once the details are confirmed.

An agenda will be kept updated at this link. If you have any points to raise please email before Wednesday 14th October.


Track Racing Update

Long story short, there isn’t any this year. Sorry. For a bit more detail, read on.

British Cycling will sanction racing at regional level from August 1st, but with restrictions on race numbers, race duration, venue and of course distancing and hygiene procedures.

This would have given us three weeks of our league left.

The committee met last night to discuss the requirements and how we could best implement them.

It soon became apparent that we could not possibly organise all that was required by next Wednesday.

This would leave us with two weeks of our regular racing.

As we worked through the document and realised that more and more work would need to be done, online capabilities for entry set up, equipment obtained, extra procedures to do every week etc. it soon became apparent that the effort far outweighed the benefit for just two weeks of racing. Especially when it was considered that those two weeks are usually the quietest.

It was therefore a unanimous decision to not proceed with the remaining weeks of this years track league.

Depending on the situation come September we will reconvene and consider the possibility of running some circuit races under whatever the restrictions are at that time.

In the meantime there are time trials already running for those of you who need to pin a number on, or maybe now is the time to go and explore the downs, or take that touring holiday you always wanted to.

Stay well, keep riding, see you soon.


Covid-19 Update

And the news isn’t good.

British Cycling have released a statement, here, to say that the suspension of sanctioned activities will now be extended to the 30th of June.

This of course loses us a big chunk of track league leaving us with just seven weeks, plus only the last two of our summer circuit series. None of the Friday vets/women league will take place, and none of the accreditation sessions are now intended to go ahead this season.

If we hear of any more news about the BC Zwift race series being extended we will pass this on. Perhaps we can even arrange a few online ride-outs of our own.

Please keep yourselves safe and well, and heed the current advice around exercising but avoiding group riding.

See you all soon.

SCRL Committee


BC Online Racing is Go!

British Cycling have today announced a full set of three-days-a-week Zwift activities with racing, training and time trialling all on the menu.

BC members get Zwift at the reduced rate of £12 a month. You can cancel any time so even if it’s just for the duration it shouldn’t cost too much.

Click here to find out more on the BC site.

Racing Cancelled

As per the British Cycling press release today (17th March 2020) all BC sanctioned events until and including April 30th are cancelled. This means the last two races of the winter circuit series will not go ahead.

We ask those who have pre-entered events within this time frame to please be patient as BC will be cancelling the events their end and informing organisers of the refund process in due course.

It is undecided whether the SCRL accreditation sessions will still go ahead. We will issue further communications at the appropriate time.

The official BC statement can be read here.


SCRL Winter Circuit Series #4

Riders who signed up on the day may be missing from these results at the moment. We will have this information to hand and updated in the next day or two.

Youth A/B Provisional Results

Please send any queries via the contact form here.

Youth A

  1. Dylan Hicks
  2. Luke Goodwill
  3. Ben Flateau
  4. Connor Stevens
  5. Ethan Darcy
  6. Lukas Koehler

Youth B

  1. Alfred Bunyan
  2. Will Flateau

Women 2/3/4 Provisional Results

Please send any queries via the contact form here.

  1. Yewande Adesida
  2. Alice Gilmore
  3. Katie Love
  4. Katherine Dennis
  5. No 64
  6. Lucy McCann
  7. No 65
  8. No 66
  9. No 63
  10. No 68
  11. Anya Tamplin
  12. Grace Dent
  13. No 69
  14. Katie Simmonds
  15. No 56
  16. Catherine Wallace
  17. No 67
  18. No 70
  19. Alison Lewis
  20. Tess Agnew

DNF No 71

Category 4 Provisional Results

Please send any queries via the contact form here.

  1. George Hale
  2. William Thomasson
  3. Aidan James
  4. Jonathan McKee
  5. Rory Knapp
  6. Simon Baker
  7. Joshua Beattie
  8. Freddie Cooke
  9. Alex Edge
  10. No 167
  11. No 168
  12. Karl Moody
  13. Ben Evans

DNF Liam Brightmore
DNF Shaun Ronaldson

Category 2/3/4 Final Results

As per the commissaires decision these results are FINAL.

  1. Ian Robins
  2. Alexander Dobiecki
  3. Matthew Smith
  4. Christopher Ramanauskas
  5. Chris Stanyard
  6. Gavin Ash
  7. John Tindell
  8. Colin Ballbach
  9. Jacob James
  10. James Di Rico
  11. Jonathan Deutsch
  12. Daniel Ellis
  13. Robert Lovett

DNF Giovanni Luongo
DNF Thomas Treagus
DNF Ben Lednor



Winter Circuits #4

Covid-19/Coronavirus Advice

Many of you may be wondering if the current Covid-19/Coronavirus will be affecting the racing.

In line with current advice and also with advice from British Cycling it is not necessary to cancel any racing at the current time.

You should of course continue to take any normal precautions as per the advice regarding self-isolation etc.


Looking fairly good on volunteers, but we have no-one available to judge, and we need at least two, preferably three.

Judges keep track of the race in respect to which riders have been lapped and how many times, as well as judging the finish order and controlling the i-pads to record the finish. They then agree the provisional results for each race.

Remember volunteers get a free drink from Coops Coffee! And we might just bring some snacks along too……

If you can help add yourself to the spreadsheet or contact the volunteer co-ordinator with your details and which races you can help with.

If the slots are filled and you can spare the time please add your name under one of the “Backup” slots otherwise if someone falls ill or fails to turn up we are left short.

Track Accreditation

Track season is starting soon (April 15th) and there are three accreditation sessions on Wednesday 1st, Friday 3rd and Wednesday 8th April from 6pm onwards.

You can see all the details about our accreditation process here.

Riders already accredited and paid up and registered for the 2020 season can ride for free but must use and leave the track at the direction of the coach running the accreditation session.

We are also planning to make league registration available on the same days.

If you can pre-register on the form here it will help us with knowing expected numbers on the day but you can still just turn up.

Track League Registration

Also remember you can register for the league here and we will have a pre-printed form for you to sign at the velodrome.

Remember senior registration has increased to £10 this year. Youth, junior and concessions remain the same at £5.


SCRL Winter Circuit Series #3

Youth A/B Provisional Results

Please send any queries via the contact form here.

Youth A

  1. Luke Goodwill

Youth B

  1. Alfred Bunyan
  2. Oran McAlister

Women 3/4 Provisional Results

Please send any queries via the contact form here.

  1. Ileia Spyropoulou
  2. Aoife McDonald-Bowyer
  3. Kate Parrish
  4. Alice Gilmore
  5. Kerstin Haussner
  6. Catherine Wallace
  7. Catherine Humm
  8. Isobel Beattie
  9. Alison Lewis
  10. Tess Agnew

DNF Kathryn Gohl
DNF Katherine Dennis

Category 4 Provisional Results

Please send any queries via the contact form here.

  1. Joseph Kemp
  2. Stephen Dawes
  3. Ivan Newsome
  4. Lewis Reeves
  5. Chris Stanyard
  6. Jonathan McKee
  7. Brad Hammonds
  8. Aiden James
  9. Freddie Cooke
  10. Joshua Beattie
  11. John Ridley
  12. Alex Edge
  13. Luke Carter
  14. Karl Moody
  15. Robert Green
  16. Sean Walker
  17. Ben Evans
  18. Uzo Onuoha
  19. Michael James
  20. Chris Gray

DNF Russel Cottingham
DNF Luca Stringer

Category 2/3/4 Provisional Results

Please send any queries via the contact form here.

  1. Charlie Heffernan
  2. Ian Robins
  3. Stuart Baldwin
  4. Mark Day
  5. Conor Clancy
  6. James Di Rico
  7. Will Ranoe
  8. Daniel Hawkes
  9. Jake Roe
  10. Robert McPherson
  11. Jon Woolrich
  12. Nick Hawksworth
  13. Daniel Kalichman
  14. Adam Fulbrook
  15. Valentino Fontana
  16. Clifford Cunningham
  17. Simon McLeod
  18. David Scrivener
  19. Jacob James
  20. Patrick Brown
  21. James Bullen

DNS Nicholas Bell
DNS Mark Wall