A lot of the same questions come up each season from prospective new racers, so we have put together a short FAQ to try and make some of the more confusing aspects in regards to “how it works” a bit clearer and easier to digest.

What do I need to race in a Sunday/Wednesday/Friday/Track/Circuit race?

The table below shows the combinations of licencing and registration required for each of our current races.

EventTrack Accreditation Req’dLeague Registration Req’dCan Use Provisional Race LicenceCan Use Full Race LicenceDay Licence Available
Wednesday Track LeagueYesYesYesYesYes
Friday Vets/Womens Track SeriesYesNoYesYesYes
Friday Circuit SeriesNoNoYesYesYes
Sunday Winter Circuit SeriesNoNoYesYesYes

What does it cost?

Wednesday Track League

For a breakdown of costs relating to the Wednesday track league see the fees page.

Friday/Sunday Circuit Races

These races are entered either online at the British Cycling website  or you can pay on the day.  The fees are displayed against the event on the British Cycling Website.

Click here to search the British Cycling Website for SCRL events at Preston Park Velodrome.

Friday Vets/Womens Track Series

Fees for the Friday Vets and Womens racing are the same as for Wednesdays, with the exception that there is no registration fee.

Are disc brakes allowed in the circuit (freewheel bike) races?

Yes.  As per recent BC rule changes disc brake bikes are permitted.