The league is run by a committee elected each year at the A.G.M.  The committee consists of the following.

Role Person
Chairman Steve Kane
Chief Judge Anthony Rogers
Promoter Tim Hill
Sign On Richard Burnett
Secretary Justina Pughe-Morgan
Membership Secretary Steve Kane
Treasurer Dave Gerrey
Catering Ed Raynard
M.C. Charlie Booth
Rider Representatives Wendy Harman
Nile Jones
Youth Rider Representative Archie Raynard
Web and Social Media Tobias Bunyan

If you would like to contact the SCRL committee members please use the contact form. You can select to send your email directly to all the committee members.  However in this case no one member will be tasked with responding to you. It may be better to select one of the specific officers or rider representatives.

Other Committee members without a specific role

  • Rupert Rivett